Take a step toward your full potential.



Are you 18-30 years old and looking to take a giant leap toward reaching your full potential in leadership? If so, LeadNow may be for you.

LeadNow’s values are dedicated to creating environments that inspire, encourage, and equip the next generation of leaders. This program is specifically designed to provide exposure, experience, one-on-one training, and essential teaching necessary to build leadership competency in the ministry area of your gifting.  




Interns will be provided exposure through outreach, events, and possible stage presence. Opportunities will be placed in front of them to lead worship, serve in an area of ministry, be involved in creative arts, or personally assist one of our pastors.


LeadNow features five leadership tracks:

1. reach

At the heart of the Gospel is the mandate to make disciples. That process begins by reaching out to people with the good news of Jesus. Interns in this track will help drive initiatives that reach the community and beyond. Opportunities in which interns will participate include social media, new neighbor outreach, community events and partnerships, foster care support, national missions and church planting, international missions, and more. In addition, interns will help plan and execute a variety of special weekend service emphases and outreaches, all with the aim of leading people to a personal relationship with Jesus. 

2. next steps

Interns will engage in helping people take next steps toward their full potential in Jesus Christ. From the first visit of first-time guests to strategic follow-up all the way to a person’s connection to a small group, interns will be immersed in the process of discipleship. This process includes, but isn’t limited to areas such as guest services, healing and wholeness ministries, next step events, small groups, and leadership development. While serving in this capacity, interns will build skills in hospitality, discipling others, and developing leaders, as well as contribute to the environments and systems that support these efforts. In short, interns who choose this track will have the opportunity to help people get connected to God and to the local church.

3. Next Gen

We have a desire to see kids, students, and young adults never see a day without Jesus. Interns will assist in volunteer development/follow-up, administrative tasks, helping coordinate weekly programming and special event programming for the NextGen department. They will also get to sit in on meetings where they will be able to help develop strategies for Kids, youth, young adults and parent engagement during the week and during our weekend experiences.

4. Creative arts

Do you dream of using the arts to creatively reach the local church and the world? Whether video, photography, music, web, graphics or social media, we have a place for you to use your creative skills throughout our Creative Arts Track. You will gain experience by communicating life change through video and photography, planning creative service elements, and designing graphics for our weekly worship experiences. In order to be accepted into this track, there are entry-level skills required. Interns will lead projects, develop teams and contribute to the vision of the local church.

5. Operations

Have you ever thought of what it really takes to run an efficient and effective church? Here’s a hint, it’s not just great preaching or an awesome worship leader. Just like in any business the operation of the church is the structural backbone to the organization. Operations help to ensure the church is functionally strong through business, finance, and safety. Interns will assist in facilities management and operational infrastructure through development and implementation of key systems, processes, and methods.


Interns will become educated on leadership by engaging in weekly huddles, sitting in on staff meetings, and attending classes taught by leaders from all over the country.





Leadership Development + Intern Team Work


Staff Meeting + Track Time


Leadership Development + Track Time


Sunday Services + Serving in your Track